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A5 Annual Review Design for Goedgedacht Trust 2016

This year the brochure is missing Sue Beattie’s charming illustrations, but for a good reason. The 2016 Annual Review features photos of all the staff and wonderful people who make the Goedgedacht Trust the success it is today.

It was quite a project to get all the photos in place with the correct names and such, but after a few revisions and corrections the final product was sent to print in October 2016. Hats off to the wonderful team behind the scenes who made it happen!

Click here to see the 2015 and 2014 designs.

Package Design for Still Pure Essential Oils

I have had the privilege of designing labels, packaging and signage for Still Pure, based in the Riebeek Valley, since 2010. This year they are branching out and exporting some of their products to China and so it was time to update and refresh. These are only some of the essential oils, of which there are about 35 in the range. Quite something to do 35 different front, back and lid labels and then a box for each as well in both 10ml and 20ml sizes, but I’m glad to say that it was completed within the deadline and I’m so proud of the result!Still Pure Essential Oil Box PackagingAbove are some of the boxes. The full image used on the front label appears on the left side of each box and I think it works so well. Can’t wait to walk in to a Wellness Warehouse and see them displayed.Soap and Shaving Oil for Still PureAbove are some of the cleansing bars and the new Shaving Oil label, which also has it’s own box (not shown). Still Pure not only does 100% pure essential oils and cold pressed oils, but also a full range of natural and botanical body products including bath salts, soap bars, skin, foot and lip balms, body butters and much more. Hopefully I’ll add more photos as more of the products get their new look or check them out at www.stillpure.co.za (although I must mention that I didn’t do their website – I have worked on most of the previous package designs as well).